Ios swift open pdf url

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Ios swift open pdf url

UIKit supports many common schemes, including the httphttpstelfacetimeand mailto schemes. You can also employ custom URL schemes associated with apps installed on the device. The URL you pass to this method can identify a resource in the app that calls the method, or a resource to be handled by another app.

If the resource is to be handled another app, invoking this method might cause the calling app to quit so the other can launch. Be sure to read the description of that method for an important note about registering the schemes you want to employ.

A key whose value is an NSValue object that encapsulates a CGRect structure expressing the location and size of the new status bar frame. The minimum amount of time measured in seconds an app may run a critical background task in the background.

Sets the app's status bar to the specified orientation, optionally animating the transition. Register to receive remote notifications of the specified types via Apple Push Notification service. Language: Swift Objective-C. Attempts to open the resource at the specified URL.

How to open a URL in Safari

SDKs iOS 2. Framework UIKit. See Also Deprecated Symbols. Name Posted when the frame of the status bar changes. Name Posted when the app is about to change the orientation of its interface. Name Posted when the app is about to change the frame of the status bar.

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Returns the user notification settings for the app. All currently scheduled local notifications. Sets the icon of a Newsstand app to an image depicting the current issue of a publication. Related Documentation.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time.

Download File From a Remote URL in Swift.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Can anyone provide some examples of how the replacement openURL:options:completionHandler: works when trying to open an url? Above answer is correct but if you want to check you canOpenUrl or not try like this.

ios swift open pdf url

No need to write completionHandler as it contains default value nilcheck apple documentation for more detail. If you want to open inside the app itself instead of leaving the app you can import SafariServices and work it out. I'm using macOS Sierra v Learn more. Asked 3 years, 7 months ago. Active 1 year ago. Viewed k times. Karthik Active Oldest Votes. For example: " xxxxx. Side Note: don't try to do this: UIApplication. The compiler on XCode 8 will get confused and not be able to build properly.

So just use this solution as is. Works great!

ios swift open pdf url

How would I open the url without actually opening Safari? How do I get the url to "open" in the background? Please answer my question at: stackoverflow. You mean Swift doesn't make you climb walls to do something as complex as opening a URL? Nirav D Nirav D Chetan Rajagiri Chetan Rajagiri 8 8 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges.Most iOS app developers — and users — are not accustomed to seeing the files associated with their apps, at least not in a Finder -like or Explorer -like or even command line-like listing format.

For years, the closest thing to an iOS file browser has been through apps like Photoswhere you can see individual thumbnail images of photos hinting at the fact that their content is stored in individual files. But Photos gives you no sense of how the image files are organized… In folders or subfolders? Remember that you must be running iOS 11 to follow along with this tutorial.

Getting into iCloud or Dropbox support is too much for one tutorial. Configuring your app so that its files appear in the Files app is pretty simple. If you prefer to edit the Info. There are good definitions of both of these keys at this link. You can even see a thumbnail via Quick Look previewing the contents of my text file. These keys enable other apps to open and edit the contents of your Documents directory in place.

Your files also appear in both the Files app and the document browser. In other words, you can provide an iOS 11 Files app-like experience in your own apps.

This is especially useful if your business model relies heavily on storing and manipulating information in flat files, like image files, audio files, video files, etc. I strongly encourage you to use Xcode to create a new project based on the iOS Document Based App template see next sectionreview it thoroughly, and follow along with my steps in this tutorial.

Please follow along. Click the Next button, fill out the usual new project details, and choose a location for your new project. Apple decided that the template would support images, but I want to support text files, too. The Document Types section will now have a new entry that looks like this:.

ios swift open pdf url

If you prefer manipulating XML in your Info. The Document Based App template app comes preconfigured with its Info.

This is absolutely essential for your app to provide Files app-like behavior. You can read about this key here. I started with an Xcode iOS Document Based App template and customized it so that I could: 1 browse for, open, display, edit, and save UTF-8 encoded text files and 2 browse for, open, and display.

PNG and. JPG image files. A user interface for navigating and selecting documents, identical to what the Files app provides, is furnished for you. I modified the Main.You can use a specific URL scheme to launch the built-in phone app and dial the number automatically. Additionally, you can create a custom URL scheme for your own app so that other applications can launch your app via a URL.

As usual, we will build an app to demonstrate the use of URL schemes.

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We will reuse the QR code reader app that was built in the previous chapter. So far, the demo app is capable of decoding a QR code and displaying the decoded message on screen. To start with, first download the QRCodeReader app. Note that the app only works on a real iOS device. Here I include some sample QR codes that you can use to test the app. Alternatively, you can create your QR code using online services like www. You should see the decoded message.

For most of the built-in applications, Apple provides support for URL schemes.

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For instance, you use the mailto scheme to open the Mail app e. Here is the line of code:. Now, we will modify the demo app to open the corresponding app when a QR code is decoded. Add a helper method called launchApp in the class:. If the user taps the Confirm button, the app then creates an URL object and opens it accordingly.

In the metadataOutput method, which is called when a QR code is detected, insert a line of code to call the launchApp method:. Now compile and run the app.

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The app will prompt you with an action sheet when the QR code is decoded. Once you tap the Confirm button, it opens the Phone app and initiates the call. But there is a minor issue with the current app. If you look into the console, you should find the following warning:. The launchApp method is called every time when a barcode or QR code is scanned.

With this property, it is quite easy for us to fix the warning issue. All you need to do is to put the following code at the beginning of the launchApp method:. We simply check if the property is set to a specific view controller, and present the UIAlertController object only if there is no presented view controller. Now run the app again. The warning should go away. If the URL scheme is not registered in the whitelist, the method returns false.Swift 4 Xcode 9 iOS Nothing could be further from the truth, though.

Every year, Apple improves the framework and adds new components to better serve developers. Fire up Xcode and create a new playground by choosing the Blank template from the iOS section. Remove the contents of the playground and add an import statement for the Foundation framework.

Creating URLs isn't difficult. Take a look at this example. The init? But it starts to get messy from the moment you need to add query parameters. The keys and values of the query parameters need to be properly percent encoded, for example.

And what happens if you need to append a fragment to the URL? Even though these issues aren't insurmountable, you may be wondering why working with URLs isn't easier on a platform that has been around for years and years.

Both types are available on iOS 7. In the remainder of this episode, we focus on the URLComponents structure. We first need to create an instance of the URLComponents structure.

Notice that the values of the parameters are automatically percent encoded. The URLComponents structure also adds support for fragments and authentication. It can also be used to extract information from URLs. Let me show you how that works. Take a look at the following example. Because the init? We instantiate a URLComponents instance by invoking init? This initializer defines two parameters, a URL instance and a boolean value.

The boolean value determines how the URL instance should be evaluated. If a relative URL is passed to the initializer, the value of the second parameter needs to be equal to true to make sure the value of the absoluteURL property is used to extract the components of the URL. You can also create a URLComponents instance from a string by invoking the init? The initialization fails if the string doesn't comply with RFC Foundation is a powerful framework no Cocoa developer can do without.

Even though it lacks a few features, Apple continues to fill in the gaps.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

ios swift open pdf url

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Im working on a simple swift app where the user inputs an email address and presses a button which opens the mail app, with the entered address in the address bar. I know how to do this in Objective-C, but I'm having trouble getting it to work in Swift. I'm not sure if you want to switch to the mail app itself or just open and send an email.

For the latter option linked to a button IBAction:. It is better to support multiple email clients. Following code handles the email sending in a more graceful way. The flow of the code is:. Please note that I intentionally missed out the body for the Outlook app, as it is not able to parse it. You also have to add following code to Info. Swift 2, with availability check:. Here's an update for Swift 4 if you're simply looking to open up the mail client via a URL :.

Note that not all users have their device configure to send emails, which is why we need to check the result of canSendMail before trying to send. Note also that you need to catch the didFinishWith callback in order to dismiss the mail window. Give the user to choose many mail options like iCloud, google, yahoo, Outlook. Learn more. How to open mail app from Swift Ask Question. Asked 5 years, 6 months ago.

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Active 24 days ago. Viewed 82k times. H Jesse. H 1, 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. You can use simple mailto: links in iOS to open the mail app. Gabriel Lidenor 2, 2 2 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Stephen Groom Stephen Groom 2, 1 1 gold badge 9 9 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Maybe worthwile to add that this does not work in the simulator, only on the device See stackoverflow. Steve Rosenberg Steve Rosenberg URL objects are the preferred way to refer to local files.

Most objects that read data from or write data to a file have methods that accept an NSURL object instead of a pathname as the file reference. For example, you can get the contents of a local file URL as an NSString object using the init contents Of: encoding: initializer, or as an NSData object using the init contents Of: options: initializer. You can also use URLs for interapplication communication. See Toll-Free Bridging for more information on toll-free bridging.

A URL can be also be divided into pieces based on its structure. Starting with OS X v A bookmark provides a persistent reference to a file-system resource. The methods for using security-scoped bookmarks are described in this document in Working with Bookmark Data.

You should relinquish your access as soon as you have finished using the file. After you call these methods, you immediately lose access to the resource in question. In a macOS app, when you copy a security-scoped URL, the copy has the security scope of the original. Note, however, that a string-based path obtained from a security-scoped URL does not have security scope and you cannot use that string to obtain access to a security-scoped resource.

With OS X v You can also get or set all the thumbnails as an NSImage object with multiple representations by using the thumbnail Key. Returns a new URL made by resolving the alias file at url.

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A copy of the URL with any instances of ". Returns a new URL made by appending a path component to the original URL, along with a trailing slash if the component is designated a directory.

A URL that points to the same resource as the receiver and includes no symbolic links. Returns the resource values for properties identified by a specified array of keys contained in specified bookmark data. In an app that has adopted App Sandbox, makes the resource pointed to by a security-scoped URL available to the app.

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In an app that adopts App Sandbox, revokes access to the resource pointed to by a security-scoped URL. Language: Swift Objective-C. SDKs iOS 2. Framework Foundation. Component Value scheme https user johnny password p4ssw0rd host www.

When you resolve a security-scoped bookmark, you get a security-scoped URL. Initializes a URL object with a C string representing a local file system path.

Accessing the Parts of the URL. An absolute URL that refers to the same resource as the receiver. The base URL. The fragment identifier, conforming to RFC The host, conforming to RFC The last path component.

UIWebView : How to display PDF file. Swift 3.0

The parameter string conforming to RFC


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