Peter parker abused wattpad

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Peter parker abused wattpad

The Avengers were slumped in various poses in the large lounge. They had been in the field the whole day, tackling another evil scientist and his mind-controlled feral rabbits.

She gave a little shudder, thinking of the rabbits. And why are they all insane? Bruce was the only one who was not tired, thanks to the situation not becoming a 'code green. The youngest and newest Avenger had indeed acquitted himself very well.

The others groaned but got up quickly. They all hated debriefings, but none of them wanted to scold a kid. Steve shrugged and walked up to Peter's room. He hated what he was about to do, but someone had to do it.

He picked up a belt from his floor on the way. He'd be quick, just a few strokes. Peter was a good lad after all. Peter Parker had had a wonderful day. What was better than fighting a supervillain?

He had used his powers so well that there wasn't even the usual collateral damage. And the night time walk OK, crawl had been awesome too. He crawled up the wall to his window, and crept inside. Why did you go out half an hour before your curfew?

And why didn't you tell one of us where you were going? Don't try to blab anything about a bus again! Steve picked up the belt from beside him. It's time we made sure it doesn't.Originally posted by allenparker.

Originally posted by marvelmuggle. But she gets bullied. So one day tony decides to pick her up from school and brings along Bucky for the intimidating effect. The bullying stops from there on. Your name: submit What is this? You stood in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to calm yourself down and hide the fact that you had been crying. You had hoped you would be able to shrug it off. You pressed a cold paper towel to your face hoping to diminish the blotchy patches forming around your chin.

Regulating your breathing, you slung your backpack over your shoulder and made your way through the hallways, wanting nothing more than to be curled up in your bed or messing around with DIY science experiments with Peter. You became acquainted with him after your dad recruited him and your friendship had been growing slowly.

He just understood you. You were too shy to make the first move anyway. It was rare for him to have the time to pick you up himself, but he promised you at least once a week. You took some more deep breaths, determined to not let your dad find out about your situation at school. He was overprotective, to say the least. When you reached the tower, you kicked off your shoes, said a quick hello to the Avengers and made your way to your bedroom.

You launched yourself on your bed, trying to forget the name-calling and exclusion and general self-loathing you felt. You stared at the ceiling for a few moments, thanking God that you were a senior and nearly free. You reached for your nightstand, fiddling through the stack of work comic books.

You pulled out an issue at random and started reading, waiting for Peter to get back.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

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Remember Me. Peter Parker's life was far from normal. He was bitten by a radioactive spider, he became a superhero, found Tony Stark sitting on his couch chatting with his Aunt, fought Captain Freakin' America, fought a bad guy stealing Alien tech who happened to be his girl friend's dad, he's friends with a Merc who talks to himself, probably has a crush on said merc, has a another crush on his buddy Wade Wilson, has been basically adopted by all of the Avengers, and now he's going to go on a field trip to his new family's house.

Ah yes, the classic Field Trip trope. There's more story after the field trip but it starts a little before it. Far From Home will not be in this in the slightest so need to worry about Spoilers. Peter Benjamin-Edward Stark has been through a lot in his life. Luckily he has a really good family to help him through all his problems. Peter was closer than ever with his parentssort ofand his Aunt was okay and things finally seemed to be going back to normal.

Thanos was the worst thing that happened to this universe for a lot of reasons. But the fact that it created this bond between people, locking them together, may be the only semi good thing to come out of it all. Some speculate it was the soul stone's prize for letting half the universe free again.

Other's say it was a curse. Peter didn't really care what it was. It intrigued him, sure. But he didn't put a lot of energy in it. He was, most of the time, happy with his life. He still had nightmares, and flashbacks of the night on Titan. Of the day he returned 5 years later. Of the time he spent in the stone. Living there. Moving on. Just to be dragged back, right into another war. Seeing Tony, lifeless and burned. He still can't wrap his mind around how he even survived that.

Thank every deity out there for Dr. Strange and Wanda for whatever they did. Okay, so what if Peter was adopted by Norman Osborn, and would've been raised by him? Aka Peter is a mess, but eventually, everything will hopefully be ok. There will be some Hydra shit and emotional abuse, so stay careful. This summary isn't particularly good, but bear with me?

I promise irondad and spiderson will be in this fic later on. So if that's what you're looking for, then I promise, it isn't far ahead.

Peter Parker has nothing left. He lost everything he loved. His parents died in a plane crash. His aunt was killed and erased from this world because of his own incompetence. And to put a cherry on top of all of that he lost his home.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on!

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Remember Me. The world is black and white. Color has never been in his world, not until he meets Peter Parker, a new hero with spider-like powers.

Now, Tony Stark will do everything in his power to not only protect his Mate but his family as well. Even if it means letting his darkness out to play. A curious gleam makes his eyes shimmer. I mean, you already knew, but. As if shaking your head would make your scrambled thoughts re-align again.

Technically, Peter couldn't blame Ned for getting him mixed up in all of this. He did choose to stay behind and face the consequences. Being a part of a Mafia family wasn't so bad considering all the perks that came with it. It was good money too. The hardest part was hiding it all from aunt May.

And keep himself from falling head over heels for the Don of the family, Tony Stark.

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A bunch of one-shots and drabbles that I have floating in my head. Here's a breakdown if you want to find a ship. Peter finds himself thrown through universe after universe with no way to get home, no ideas, and only one consistency he can count on: Quentin Beck, without fail, appears in every single one.

Peter really shouldn't have been tinkering with his phone without the right tools because when he went to message Ned someone entirely different responded. This other person was very interested in his tech babble. Who was this Tony guy anyway?The camera screen fizzles to life showing the face of a youthful boy with fluffy brown hair and chocolate eyes.

He looks away nervously and bites his lip before he shifts. Ho opens his mouth and begins his obviously scripted introduction. His feet were kicked up on a desk.

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There were stray papers, that looked like homework scattered, scattered around him. His feet however were carefully avoiding all of of them.

peter parker abused wattpad

The walls behind him were a pleasant light gray and several large posters decorated them. In the large windowsill that looked out over the city was a tiny cactus which had a single, yellow flower on it. He was a really bad liar when it came down to it.

He did fine before Tony. Now though, all the Avengers, his Aunt, and two friends knew. May said she blamed being around Tony's ego too long for that fact. Since that very loud night when Aunt May figured out about Spider-man it didn't take long for MJ to reveal she too knew his not-so-well-guarded secret. Unfortunately the reason was a break-in involving guns and his top priority was to protect his friends. MJ shooed him away with a 'Don't get shot, Spider-man' to deal with the situation.

He got it all resolved with no fatalities. They got sent home early and he was able to avoid her. But the next day she cornered him between his classes. MJ just gave him her number and told him to keep her updated. Should we say what we're doing? He huffed. Probably not though. I still can't believe we're doing this," he somehow managed to sound both amused and disappointed at the same time.

And why are we filming this? He gasps in mock surprise. Stark would never let them. He loves me too much. And second, memories Ned. One day we'll look back on our teenhoods and say 'I pranked Tony Stark'. And no one will believe us, but, we'll have proof! I don't think he's liked me much since I hacked your suit. FRI, when does Mr. Stark get home?

Wait up! The screen goes shaky as they're running.Superfamily is end game but I am reluctant to just kill Aunt May off to move the story forward so we'll have to see how that goes. Peter lay on his side, a pillow over his ear to blot out the yelling downstairs. He always tried very hard to both ignore and listen, just waiting for Jeff to snap and lash out at Aunt May and ready to take the brunt of the beatings when he did.

Peter had to admit that Jeff was smarter than he looked, he knew how to keep his spouse and step-nephew in line, just hurt one to get to the other.

peter parker abused wattpad

Eventually the sound of fighting died down and Peter heard their bedroom door close. He breathed a sigh of relief. Peter removed the pillow and slowly sat up, ears straining to hear any tell tale creaking that would signal a midnight visit. Hearing nothing, Peter carefully, oh so carefully, started tip toeing towards his window, opening it inch by agonizing inch.

It wasn't a long drop by any means but it still turned his stomach every time he sat on the sill. All it would take was one broken bone and it would all be over. No more freedom, no more taste of normalcy. Peter's bedroom door hit the wall and Peter was startled onto his back, his breath leaving him as he hit the carpet.

Peter recovered quickly. He stood up and let himself be grabbed roughly by the scruff of the neck. It never did any good to struggle. The first slap always surprised him. Peter fell to the floor in a heap but quickly stumbled back onto his feet. A clumsy headbutt sent him back down. Tears sprung to his eyes as a sharp pain in his nose started to throb.

His hand came away bloody. Peter curled inwards, trying to suck in air. He didn't bother trying to reply, at this point the questions were only rhetorical.

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It took a moment for him to regain his senses. Almost thankful that Aunt May had at some point run in and was subtly cajoling Jeff away from Peter.

When Jeff looked safely appeased Peter stood up, careful to keep his head down, looking contrite.

peter parker abused wattpad

Jeff grunted. Till then.

INVISIBLE // peter parker

Peter let himself be tossed in and shook his head minutely when it looked like Aunt May was going to argue. Thank God he wasn't claustrophobic. Peter listened as his dresser was dragged in front of the door and relaxed, knowing it would take some effort on Jeff's part to attack Peter again. He settled down, trying not to poke at his throbbing nose, knowing from experience that it would make the pain worse.

He sent a quick text to Gwen, apologizing for not turning up as planned and wishing her and Harry a good time at the expo. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Movies Avengers.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Tony has a new girlfriend and he wants Peter to meet her.

She immediately gives Peter bad vibes but he can't figure out why. Until he does. Peter is magically de-aged, and now the Avengers have to take care of not just any toddler, but a spidey-toddler.

When the boy became aware, he was already sitting up and awake. He was assaulted by sound, by taste, by colors and people and movement - too loud, too much. He jerked back from the painful onslaught and tried to grab his head, but his hands were tied down to the arms of the metal chair he was sitting in.

Tony takes Peter on a mission which is meant to be simple, but of course, goes just about as badly as is expected. This one simple mission turned sideways uncovers the father and son bond between Tony and Peter to the criminal populus of the state and unleashes threats which test just how close they are.

Steve falls in love with Tony slowly but deeply. Tony loves him back but they never talk about it. Life tests their relationship over and over again.

It suffers cracks and scratches but never breaks. In the end, all there is left is to salvage the broken with love. Peter Parker is just an intern at Stark Industries. Or, rather, that's what he wants everyone to think. But after meeting Tony Stark for the second time in his life, change gets launched his way left and right.

It takes time to accept these changes and understand them, even longer to accept them. He's not used to having someone care about him like this since Ben died. After everything that's happened in his life, Tony Stark finds himself wanting to be a father.

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After a strange stream of arson cases, Tony has a ward and a pseudo son to care for. Can he do it? A story of how Tony Stark becomes continuously more of a father especially around two very energetic teenagers.

Through grief, misunderstandings, and terror, he will fight for these kids, even if they are fighting with each other. When Peter Parker is hurt during a battle, dispite Tony's warnings, Tony has to cope with the thought that Peter may not make it out alive. Is it really possible for such a sweet child to die? Natasha Romanoff always prided herself on her ability to leave a place and never look back, never forming attachments.

For the past year she has been trying to sooth her heartbreak and not to form the same bond again.


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