Problem with wechat

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Problem with wechat

For the WeChat fans, it must be a pain that they are unable to sign in WeChat account. And while suffering the WeChat login problem, the first thing you want to do must be fixing the issue. Hence, this article is written to help you. It will show you the effective ways to fix cannot log in WeChat issue for different cases.

You can click the corresponding case below to get the solutions directly. To sign in your WeChat account, you need to enter your user name and passcode correctly. But sometimes you may forget the password so that you are unable to sign in WeChat successfully. Then does it mean that you cannot log in your WeChat until you think of the passcode? Certainly not! You still can sign in the service in this case. Here are 2 methods for your reference.

WeChat problems

Normally, WeChat would ask its users to associate their accounts with other accounts like QQ, email or phone number. And if you have set linked account for your WeChat beforehand, you can use it to log in your WeChat account without entering the passcode.

This can be the easiest way to solve the problem at this moment. Supposed that you do not link your WeChat to other accounts or you fail to sign in with linked accounts, you can try to reset the passcode to settle the problem.

To start with, you can tap on the " Then you need to submit your request by clicking Request Retrieval. After that, you need to confirm the feedback and WeChat will send you a message with a new passcode. And now, you can sign in WeChat with the new password easily. Switching to a new phone is a pleasing thing but setting up the new device would be a painful process. For example, you need to set up and log in your WeChat after changing to the new phone.

This sounds easy but most people say that they fail to log in their accounts on the new device. This is a common problem and you can try to fix the problem by the method:.You may find that your WeChat is unable to log in suddenly.

Well, WeChat unable to login issue can be caused by different causes, such as forgetting the password, WeChat verification code doesn't work, WeChat account has been blocked, and other reasons. Whatever reasons, you don't need to panic! Here in this article, you will list the common reasons that leads to the WeChat login problem and also provide the solutions for these reasons.

If you think one of them fits your situation, you can check and try the solution on your own. Hope this guide helps. If you tried many times and ensure that you have forgotten the login password, follow the steps below so that you can log in WeChat normally. You can follow the pop up prompts to log in via verification or password resetting. If you want to reset your account with a new password, you can click " Confirm it and then you will receive a message with a new password.

Now, you can use the new password to log in WeChat. Tips: We kindly suggest you link your mobile number, QQ ID, email to WeChat, so that you will be never afraid of forgetting the password again.

Tutorial to Fix Cannot Log in WeChat Issue

To avoid your WeChat account has been blocked again, stop sending lewd content, violent materials, scams, inappropriate rumors or annoying ads any more.

Follow the pop up instructions to initiate a password retrieve and after a while, you will receive an SMS with a new password. When you choose to log in WeChat via linked account but haven't received verification code via SMS or email, then, you can check the following methods:. Next, check whether the verification code has been blocked. If it has, you should close the app that blocks the SMS or check the spam folder in your email account. Take out the SIM card in your phone and insert it to another phone to receive the verification code again.

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Feedback Help us make our website better for you Please select your question type and we'll guide you to the right service team. No file chosen Max size:5MB; Type:zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, gif, png.WeChat has always been successful since its release as it allows Android users or any smartphone owners for that matter to send free multimedia MMS texts and make free voice and video calls.

The app is well-developed and maintained with updates being rolled out especially when there are major firmware updates for flagship phones. That was the end of it. The following solution have been confirmed by hundreds of users to have worked flawlessly. After doing these steps, open WeChat to see if the error would still show up. If it still crashes, then you will have to perform a few troubleshooting procedures to make it work flawlessly again.

I am certain you can fix this problem on your own. Before we begin with our troubleshooting, bear in mind that this error is a very minor problem.

How to Fix if WeChat Not Working On iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max)

The troubleshooting procedures that we will do in this post is directed to the app and nothing else. The most common reason why apps crash is due to compatibility issues. After updating the app, open it to see if the problem still occurs.

If it still does, then move on to the next step and do the same if the Update button is not enabled. This makes sure you have the latest version of WeChat on your phone. This is how you uninstall an app from your device:. By now, the app may already be working without the error. However, if it still shows up, then you will have to report the problem to the developer so they can take actions to fix the problem.

Or if your phone become incredibly slow, then it would be the perfect time to reset it. Make sure you backup your important files and data though. I hope that this post can help you fix the problem with your phone. If you have other concerns you want to share with us, feel free to contact us through this questionnaire.One of our readers has told us his account set to protected by company and asked us How to fix the issue?

problem with wechat

We are going to answer him on here. Chat Now. As we have told above, WeChat accounts can set protected because of long inactivity with the application. We are going to tell you how to fix this problem. You can only resolve the problem with WeChat staff. This is completely an account issue. These are what we can recommend for you at the moment.

Not application nor your device. Since the issue is about phone number, you will need to contact WeChat to resolve this problem. We should remind you that, they are not answering all requests very fast. It can take some time to get a response. Please ask us if you are not satisfied with the answer above. You can select one of contact types below or you can comment this page. One of our staff is going to contact you as soon as possible. You can also get support from experienced WeChat users on our forums.

Request Support. I am Laura I provide solutions and tips for those applications and websites. September 16, Laurana McInes 0 Comments. Question When I try to log in its appear to me message the wechat set to protected due to prolonged inactivity.

What I can do I know if I can delete wechat and install again. November 30, November 30, Laurana McInes 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. How to Chat Online uses cookies to personalise ads and content, to provide social media features and to analyse traffic and serving better ads for you.

Accept Read more. When I try to log in its appear to me message the wechat set to protected due to prolonged inactivity. WeChat Protected, WeChat prolonged inactivity.Does anyone use WeChat on their Republic Wireless phone? I am having trouble getting an account registered. I am supposed to be able to resolve this by having my number verified by another WeChat user.

How to Fix WeChat Account or Password Error Enter Again Problem Solved

Does this make sense to anyone? I ran into this issue as well. Almost everyone I interact with uses a Chinese SIM with their WeChat or originally registered with a Chinese number and I never ended up getting mine unblocked; I used a VPN constantly while over in that neck of the woods a couple of weeks ago and for the most part just ended up using FB Messenger.

I intended to reach out to WeChat support directly but ended up not getting around to it; I almost certainly will before I return to China and would love to know if you have any success getting up and running.

How To Fix “Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped” On Android

I had this problem and was able to get around it by using the hidden Sprint number attached to my RW phone. There is a step in the registration where they will try to send a text to you to authenticate. This will NOT work with the Sprint number. This worked for me. This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply.

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Help Help Center Activation Wizard. Good luck. Message an Expert customer.Users reported that they are unable to log in WeChat and the reasons are various. For instance, some just forgot the password, while the other may complaint that the WeChat verification code doesn't work when they try to get through the password via linked account.

Below I list the most common cases with the WeChat problems and solutions. If you are the one who fail to log in WeChat and ask for help with the issue, this guide will help.

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Please check it out below! If you have tried all of the possible combinations for the password and none of them is the correct answer, you should admit your forgetfulness. But don't worry, you can easily go through it and log in WeChat as normal. In most of the cases, you can log in WeChat via linked accounts without the password.

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If you have linked your WeChat account to your phone number, email address or QQ ID, you can follow the instructions it shows to log in via verification or password resetting.

If you fail to log in with the linked account, you are advised to reset your account with a new password. To do this, you should tap " Once you confirm the feedback and you will receive a message with a new WeChat password if your request is approved. Then you are able to log in WeChat with the new password. In this way, you are able to log in your account with the linked account when you forget the password.

When you try to use the linked account to log in WeChat, you may fail to receive verification code via SMS or email. Check if the verification code has been blocked or not.

problem with wechat

The security app on your phone may block incoming SMS messages and you would better to close the app and try again. If email account, you can go and check the spam folder. Some users reported that their WeChat account has been blocked and they can no longer access the page.

To solve the issue, you can refer to the following tips:. You has been reported by other users, or reported for sending lewd content, violent materials, scams, inappropriate rumors, or annoying ads.

problem with wechat

Please just stop sending those contents. Launch WeChat on your phone, and tap on the "Unable to Log In" on the login page to submit your request. Then follow the instructions to initiate a password retrieve.WeChat is one of those apps that got its popularity, in part, because of being a very controversial service worldwide. A number of debates have taken place with regards to the security status of WeChat.

Some say that since it is operated under strict Chinese laws, the app can be a potential threat to the national security of other countries where the app is being used. Well, to start with, WeChat records all of your location and chat data. This means your privacy may be completely out of hand when using WeChat on your iPhone. This means that the platform can be exploited by criminals for their own unscrupulous acts.

This has been proved as there was an incident where a woman was murdered by a man who met the woman on WeChat. Furthermore, the app operates under the Chinese Law and incidentally, a number of provisions make the app a danger to the national security of the countries in which it is being used.

In addition, WeChat new version was reported to have been accompanied by a malware named XcodeGhost that made its way through the App store as well. Lastly, the app has been subjected keyword filtration and blockage. That is, due to being operated under Chinese Law, some keywords can be blocked and hence the message may not be sent properly. Step 3: Enable or disable the various options displayed within. As you may have realized, WeChat has some serious security issues.

Messages that contain private information may be intercepted. As such, it is crucial you permanently erase all your messages that may contain sensitive data. However, deleting messages in the usual way may not be enough.

problem with wechat

That is, if you simply delete messages from WeChat itself, they might still be recoverable through various techniques and data recovery software. It is a very unique and innovative iPhone data erasing tool with a very engaging and easy-to-use interface.

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In order to erase private WeChat data from iPhone, you may follow the simple steps mentioned below. It's also suggested to run "Erase Deleted Files" and "Erase Private Fragments" to thoroughly remove anything which would leak your privacy.

Step 3: Once scanned, all the private files will be displayed. As such, a few countries such as India and Taiwan, have called for a ban on WeChat. Erase WeChat private fragments - You can easily erase WeChat private traces without any sensitive trace being left. This means you can be assured of your safety since your privacy will be completely protected. You can erase data from different WeChat accounts at once. Product-related questions? View all the comments and join the discussion.

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