Ue4 top down camera rotation

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Ue4 top down camera rotation

Moving "topdown camera" with mouse input. Posts Latest Activity.

Rotate and zoom camera in top down template?

Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I'm new to unreal engine 4, so I thought to start with something simple. I got the idea to make a simple kind of "topdown 3d strategy game", but I have problems with the camera moving. I've placed the camera in a nice rotation angle, but I wan't the player to be able to right-click and move the mouse to move the camera sideways, forward and backward and zoom with the scroll wheel with the "level blueprint" system.

I can't figure out what nodes I shall have and how I shall place them so that that's possible remember I'm new. I've made a new function and then a timer in the "Event graph", in which I've activated looping and sat the time to 0. Best regards TheDDestroyer Tags: blueprintcamera positionstrategytop-down. I actually never did that but I don't see why it shouldn't work. Comment Post Cancel. EDIT: Sorry. Use a "Make Rot" Node to experiment with the x,y or z value If you follow only the abbove your camera will only rotate in one direction.

This works if you add input in the project settings and if your camera is looking down the Z Axis. Flying Camera. EpicForum Style. Yes No. OK Cancel.Camera to follow actor but not rotate. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:.

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Previous template Next. Hey all! I want to make a top down shooter I have a camera that right now follows the character whever he moves but also looks in the direction of where im moving the mouse.

Im struggling with making the character rotation independant of the camera. I just want the camera to be floating overhead and the character to be able to move freely and rotate freely based on the mouse position. Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. How did you setup your character? The Spring Arm should not affect the movement of your character, only that of the camera which is parented to it.

I don't think you need the LookPitch input and rotation. That doesn't belong to a top-down game and it is very likely causing you some issues. LookYaw is ok though, that is what makes your character turn in place.

Since the SpringArm is not following the Yaw Rotation, the camera is not supposed to rotate with the character. Last edited by KingSpud ;PM. I don't think so, unless you have root motion animations. Can you show how your character pawn is setup? Attached Files. Hi, I realize this is an old thread but curious if you ever found a solution to your problem? Basically I have a side scroller with a spline controlled character that moves on all axis. I want the camera to be at a location offset from the character like you would see in hollow knight etc but when the player changes rotation i want the camera to change rotation to adjust to where he is going BUT not to adjust rotation when he is going ''backward'' because then the camera is on the wrong side of my level.

Hi, anyone managed to get that problem solved? Nothing posted here helped, Thanks.There are various controls to enable you to navigate the scene, select and manipulate Actors, and change display options while working in the viewports. There are a variety of ways in which to navigate the Unreal Editor viewports.

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Some can be done entirely with the mouse, with the keyboard, or with a variety of combinations between the two. Some of the controls below are configurable in the Keybindings Editor. Their default state is listed here.

ue4 top down camera rotation

If you have made changes to them, they may not match. These controls represent the default behavior when clicking and dragging in the viewports with no other keys or buttons pressed.

[UE4]Camera related

These are also the only controls that can be used to navigate the orthographic viewports. Focuses the camera on the selected object. This is essential to make the most out of tumbling the camera. They are enabled by default and can be used whenever you are holding RMB. This means you will still use RMB to turn the camera while navigating in this way. When navigating with WASD while holding down the RMByou can rotate the mouse wheel up to speed up your movement, or rotate the mouse wheel down to slow down your movement.


Unreal Editor supports Maya-style pan, orbit, and zoom viewport controls, making it much easier for Maya artists to jump into the tool. If you are unfamiliar, here is a breakdown of the keys:. The use of the F key is not limited to Maya-style controls. You can always press F to focus on a selected object or group of objects. When you have one or more objects selected in the Level Viewport, the sensitivity of zoom and pan camera operations is scaled automatically with the distance between the selected objects and the camera.

This makes your camera movements feel more natural, especially when you're working with objects at extreme sizes, such as tiny mechanical parts or large landscapes. To enable scaled zoom and pan, open the Editor Preferences window. In the first section on the right, called Controlsclick the arrow at the bottom to expand the section to display more settings. Locate the Use distance-scaled camera speed setting.

Click the box to enable. You can disable this setting by clicking the box to clear it.

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When you have one or more objects selected in the Level Viewport, you can make the camera orbit around the pivot of the selected objects, rather than orbiting around the center of the screen. Locate the Orbit camera around selection setting. You can select Actors in the viewport individually simply by clicking on them or in groups using a box selection in the 2D viewports:.

These controls relate to moving, rotating, and scaling Actors in the viewports using the transform tools:. Moves, rotates, or scales the currently selected Actors, depending on the active transform gizmo. Toggles Game Modewhich causes the viewport to render only what would be seen in-game. We're working on lots of new features including a feedback system so you can tell us how we are doing. It's not quite ready for use in the wild yet, so head over to the Documentation Feedback forum to tell us about this page or call out any issues you are encountering in the meantime.

Unreal Engine 4. Related Courses. Your First Hour with Unreal Engine. Introducing Unreal Engine.PlayerController blueprint is provided with examples on how to move and wait for camera. There are two ways you can use Strategy Camera package in UE4. If you wish to open provided Strategy Camera project simply extract package contents into your UE4 projects folder.

Alternatively, if you put Strategy Camera project into your UE4 projects folder, you can open it and migrate StrategyCamera folder into an existing project. Open your project settings and navigate to Engine - Input. Setup the following input bindings:. The camera is ready to use. Strategy Camera blueprint parameters are provided under Player Camera group.

Movement Bounds Length - sets camera movement bounding box length. Bounds are visualized with bounding box helper. Also affects MoveCamera function and prohibit camera target to move or teleport outside of specified bounds. Movement Bounds Width - sets camera movement bounding box width.

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Offset Trace Zmax - sets start Z value for trace determining camera offset above terrain. Bounding box helper height visualizes the setting.

Each time camera moves, a trace is performed from this point down to Offset Trace Zmin value. If specified Offset Trace Channel produces hit, camera target is repositioned along the Z axis to be at Offset value above hit point.

If trace is unsuccessful, camera Z offset does not change. Offset Trace Zmin - sets end Z value for trace determining camera offset above terrain. Offset Trace Channel - sets trace channel for camera offset trace. By using custom trace channel you can control which objects should affect camera offset. Offset - sets camera Z offset value above the point determined by offset trace hit.

Initial X - sets initial X position of the camera. Initial Y - sets initial Y position of the camera.

ue4 top down camera rotation

Initial Rotation - sets initial rotation of the camera degrees Initial Distance - sets initial camera zoom distance Min Distance - sets minimal camera zoom distance Max Distance - sets maximal camera zoom distance Angle - sets camera angle degrees. This value is relative to the ground and has a range of 0 - 90 degrees.Discussion in ' 2D ' started by ElrienSep 8, Search Unity.

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Viewport Controls

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Unreal Engine 4: RTS :: Episode 1 - Basic Setup

Unite Now has started! Come level up your Unity skills and knowledge. Come post your questions! Joined: Jul 15, Posts: Hi everyone! What method would you recommend to rotate the player wherever the mouse is pointing to? Basically the rotation should happen smoothly on the z-axis. I've tried using raycasts, writing my own script and following one I found on the internet, but that doesn't really work: my player rotates on the wrong axis the Y.

ue4 top down camera rotation

I've played a bit with it but I can't manage to fix this. A similar script I wrote works perfectly fine for 3D, but I'm guessing that just changing axis is not OK. So, how would you go about it? Is raycasting even the best way to achieve this?

My player's script so far: Code CSharp :. Camera mainCam. GetMask "Ground". Rotate. ScreenPointToRay Input. RaycastHit hit. LookAt transform. ElrienSep 8, Joined: Jan 21, Posts: 2, So your character rotates around the Z, and points the X axis at the mouse? This will keep the worldPosition at the same Z depth as the player, and rotate the player's X axis to point towards the point. Untested: Code CSharp :. MoveTowards transform. LiterallyJeffSep 8, Joined: Mar 21, Posts: 5, Crazy to use a physics raycast to convert the offset of the mouse coordinate in 2d space into an angle.

This is not a physics problem. You just need to get the mouse position and the screen-space position of the player and calculate the angle between them see vector2 for functions. Elrien likes this. I wouldn't say crazy. I'm assuming this is a 3D game, so that one raycast could be used for any number of features including player rotation.Camera rotation not working.

Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Camera rotation not workingAM. I'm making a game with an RTS-style camera and I can't seem to get the camera to rotate. I can move it around, and in the transform section of details I can see the rotation values change, but the camera won't point anywhere but right in front of it. Here is my blueprint for moving around, which works: And here is the rotation blueprint, which changes the rotation values but doesn't make the camera rotate: And finally, here are the values and how the screen looks, it doesn't rotate at all despite the rotation values changing: Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And if you need more information, please tell me! This is my first time posting on any dev forum and first time working on a game in UE4, so I'm not sure what information to provide. Tags: camerarotation. Looks like you are trying to rotate the pawn not the camera attached to it?

I have this exact set up for just zooming in and out.


I am at work at the moment but can post the blue print later if it will help you. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Ghiest View Post.

Please visit Unreal Unscripted. Hi, thanks guys! You were right, what a silly mistake by me. EpicForum Style.More results. I have a top-down camera -Z that follow a pawn using a spring arm with some lag. I need my camera to always point at that pawn.

This imply some rotation when the arm is late because of the lag. That camera can rotate on its yaw and pitch axes but can't roll so north is always at the top of the screen. I've tried to script it, using the security camera bluprint from Blueprints example project. This resulted in this, among many other tries :. The camera refuses to pitch more than degrees. It turns around and pitch up again which seems to be a normal behavior for a FPS game but I need my camera to be upside down sometime.

You should be able to use the Blueprint node "Find Look at Rotation" which I believe will achieve the rotation that you want it doesn't affect roll. As for making your camera pitch upside down, I believe there are options to alter the rotation limits for each axis so that you can pitch past 90 degrees etc.

You may need to do some separate handling with Find Look at Rotation so that it works properly with going upside down. Attachments: Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 5. Answers to this question. Spring arm camera effects center of mass. How do I set a top-down camera to rotate on command? How to setup a Top-Down camera on default Car. Controls invert when Char X axis goes below 0. Search in. Search help Simple searches use one or more words. Separate the words with spaces cat dog to search cat,dog or both.

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You can further refine your search on the search results page, where you can search by keywords, author, topic. These can be combined with each other.

How to correctly orientate a lagging top-down camera? Hi, I have a top-down camera -Z that follow a pawn using a spring arm with some lag. This resulted in this, among many other tries : I've got two issues : I can't get the yaw and pitch to work while blocking the roll The camera refuses to pitch more than degrees.

It turns around and pitch up again which seems to be a normal behavior for a FPS game but I need my camera to be upside down sometime I'm not very comfortable with 3D geometry. Do you have a solution or example to my problem? Product Version: UE 4. Viewable by all users. Follow this question Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for any updates here Answers to this question.

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